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Cable Covers

$61.60$126.50 inc. GST

Cable covers are a light duty cable protector for internal installations like offices, retail stores and exhibition spaces. They are designed to protect cables from pedestrian and light trolley traffic. They are available in one, two or three channel 9 metre rolls that can be easily cut to length with a sharp knife.

Cable Protectors – Plastic

$161.70$517.00 inc. GST

Plastic cable protectors come in Two, Three or Five channel design with a polyurethane and rubber construction. They are ideal for festivals, public events and workplaces. It has interlocking ends that allows for cable and hose protection across short or long distances.

Cable Protectors – Rubber

$108.90$122.10 inc. GST

Rubber cable protectors are made from hard wearing moulded rubber and plastic materials in black and safety yellow. They are available in two, three or five channel models and are ideal for protecting cables and hoses at indoor and outdoor locations like offices, exhibition spaces and warehouses and are suitable for light vehicle traffic.