Workplace Safety is a broad term that covers many different safety products and equipment. The number one priority of workplace safety is keeping workers, visitors and customers safe at work, and also includes protecting expensive machinery, equipment, structures, and vehicles. SafetyFind’s massive range of workplace safety products includes separation products that allow pedestrians and vehicles to safely coexist, asset protection equipment such as machinery guarding, security bollards and expandable barriers, and queue management, people separation and social distancing through retractable belt barriers, portable fencing and clearly displayed safety signage.

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Access Ramp

$137.50$247.50 inc. GST

One piece access ramps made from slip resistant recycled rubber easily fit in front of your door or any other vertical barrier you might have. These 100% recycled rubber ramps help you effortlessly transition from one height to another. These are the ideal solution for eliminating tripping hazards and creating access pathways for wheelchairs and trolleys. Available in three ramp heights, they can be laid in place or permanently fixed with adhesive.

Aircraft Wheel Chocks

$70.40$155.10 inc. GST

Connected rubber wheel chocks designed for use with light aircraft but can be used in any application. Being connected eliminates individual chocks from going missing.

Aluminium Trolley Ramp 900 x 1025mm

$625.90 inc. GST

The ATR900 is a robust trolley ramp manufactured from 6mm thick aluminium textured floor plate with a total weight of approximately 15kgs. It is designed for pedestrian or hand trolley use with a load limit of 300kgs. With the ability to bridge changes in height up to 200mm, it is ideal around loading docks. Supplied with two stainless steel locating pins that secure the ramp in place, and convenient built-in carry handles to facilitate handling by one person.

They must NEVER be used with powered equipment such as forklifts.

Anti Collision Strips – Impact Protection

$47.30 inc. GST
Anti collision strips are soft foam protection buffers designed to prevent physical injury from exposed edges, frames and corners. They are ideal for offices, storage rooms and work stations. They come in four profiles with self-adhesive backs - flat, round corner, square corner, round edge - and are suitable for installation onto door frames, rails, shelving, window frames and desks.

Anti Slip Tape

$13.20$52.80 inc. GST
Anti slip tape has a durable self-adhesive backed grit surface that can be applied to any clean dry surface and are ideal for reducing slip accidents. Suitable for stair treads, ramps and hazardous floors.

Architectural Stair Nosing

$91.30$198.00 inc. GST
Manufactured from non-corrosive and hard wearing anodised aluminium these Architectural Stair Nosing's are designed to comply with AS1428.1 Design for Access and Mobility Part:1 General Requirements for Access-New Building Work. Available is a wide range of profiles that would suit most situations. Cut in 3.62 metre lengths.

Product Features:

  • Complies with AS1428.1
  • Available in a range of profiles
  • 3.62m in length

Belt Magnetic Polycarbonate

$469.70 inc. GST
This 7.6 meter retractable belt has a strong magnetic base & belt clip making it particularly useful in situations such as warehouse aisle closures where only steel pallet racking is available to mount the retractable belt, in the case of pallet racking simply push base onto the upright of racking, attach the safety bungy clip into a hole on racking (this prevents the unit from damage if the magnetic base is accidently knock off) pull the belt out across the aisle and push the belt onto the opposite racking.

Belt Post Highline Portable

$111.10 inc. GST
The Highline is the perfect retractable belt barrier for tough, industrial-type environments. The UPVC post with moulded rubber base means the Highline can be used indoors or outdoors in any conditions, the non-marking rubber base is gentle on floors & extremely stable.

Belt Post Midline Portable

$88.00 inc. GST
The midline is our most affordable portable post & base belt barrier, offering an economical alternative to the high end slimline or highline models. The concrete base is covered with a stainless steel skirt & rubber ring to prevent scratching.

Belt Post Slimline Portable

$194.70 inc. GST
An ultra low profile base which minimizes intrusion while maximizing stability. At 8mm high, wheelchairs, strollers & suitcases can easily navigate over it. Slimline is our most premium portable post & base unit.

Belt Wall Mount Stainless Steel

$64.90 inc. GST
The Wall mount stainless steel, retractable belt is designed to compliment our other stainless steel post units or to be used as stand alone barriers for aisle closures or supermarket checkouts etc, it uses the same 3 metre belt cassettes as our retractable belt posts in a welded 304 grade stainless steel body, with mounting brackets for attaching to a wall or post, includes wall receiver clip.

Bicycle Path Bollards & Rails

$247.50$788.70 inc. GST
The bicycle path access bollards prevent illegal vehicle access & are critical to avoiding damage to pathways & lightweight bridge structures, particularly when they have been designed only for bicycle and pedestrian use, whilst the bicycle holding rails are designed for use at pedestrian & cyclist crossings to allow the user to hold on to or rest against while waiting for traffic conditions to change.  

Bike Rack – Style 4

$104.50 inc. GST

A sturdy mild steel and hot dip galvanised bike rack designed to be wall mounted to accommodate 1 full size bicycle with the ability to lock one wheel and the frame for total security. The bike is suspended on plastic coated prongs to protect the rims from possible damage. Can be used indoors or out. While galvanised is the standard finish, powder coating is also available on request.

Bike Rack Schoolies

$875.60 inc. GST
8 Bike - Galvanised

Bike Rail – Style 1

$44.00$160.60 inc. GST

Bike rails are manufactured from 48mm diameter mild steel pipe with a 3mm wall. They come in galvanised and powder coated Yellow or galvanised only models. Available in two sizes for surface mount and below ground models. Both models stand 800mm above ground, with 300mm extra for below ground installations.

Installation: Surface mount models have a 6mm thick, 150mm diameter surface mount flange that comes with eight 10 x 50mm masonry anchors. Below ground model has welded concrete starter bars.

Bike Rail – Style 3

$355.30 inc. GST

A sturdy bike rail manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel and designed to accommodate 2 full size bicycles with the ability to lock both wheels and the frame for total security. Available with fully welded base plates for surface mounting, or extended legs with starter bars for setting into a concrete footing. Can be used indoors or out.

Bike Rail – Style 2

$375.10 inc. GST

Manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel this bike rail is capable of accomodating two full size bicycles. Used indoors or out, the rail has the ability to lock both wheels and the frame for total security. Welded base plates for surface mounting, or extended legs with starter bars for setting into a concrete footing are also available.

Cable Covers

$61.60$126.50 inc. GST

Cable covers are a light duty cable protector for internal installations like offices, retail stores and exhibition spaces. They are designed to protect cables from pedestrian and light trolley traffic. They are available in one, two or three channel 9 metre rolls that can be easily cut to length with a sharp knife.

Cable Protectors – Plastic

$161.70$517.00 inc. GST

Plastic cable protectors come in Two, Three or Five channel design with a polyurethane and rubber construction. They are ideal for festivals, public events and workplaces. It has interlocking ends that allows for cable and hose protection across short or long distances.

Cable Protectors – Rubber

$108.90$122.10 inc. GST

Rubber cable protectors are made from hard wearing moulded rubber and plastic materials in black and safety yellow. They are available in two, three or five channel models and are ideal for protecting cables and hoses at indoor and outdoor locations like offices, exhibition spaces and warehouses and are suitable for light vehicle traffic.

Cam-Lok Removable Bollards – Surface Mount

$143.00$618.20 inc. GST

Surface mount removable bollards are ideal for installation where core drilling or slab penetration is not permitted. Cam-lok bollards are designed with a high quality 'bi-lock' removable core lock mechanism that is supplied with two security registered keys per bollard order.

Car Park Signs

$24.20$221.10 inc. GST

Class 1 reflective aluminium & non reflective Polypropylene signs to direct the flow of vehicle traffic in car parks. The class 1 reflective aluminium signs in this range are intended for private car park or off street use. Before using these signs on public road ways please ensure your selection meets the standards and requirements applicable to your state or territory.

Galvanised steel posts, sign mounting brackets & post mounting sleeves also available, post mounting sleeves are available in surface mount, in-ground or core drilled & are supplied with Gibb key.

Co-Pilot Post & Base

$177.10$423.50 inc. GST

Got a wind problem? Let the Co-Pilot take care of it. The biggest problem with long reach belt barriers used outside is wind. With its 20kg cast iron base and stainless steel post, Co-Pilot provides stability and mobility, while the 75mm non-marking polyurethane wheels and pozi-grip handle make positioning as simple as tilt and walk.

If necessary, stability can be increased even further through the addition of optional 10kg base weights, Up to two base weights at 10kgs each can be added bringing the total weight of the Co-pilot base up to 40kgs. Base weights can be added or removed at any time without the need for tools.

Compliance Wheel Stop

$23.10$110.00 inc. GST

Created to comply with AS/NZS 2890.1:2004 and produced from high tech Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) with sustainability in mind, Compliance Wheel Stop is the clear green choice.

Compliance can be obtained in four standard U.V. stabilised colours - Yellow for increased pedestrian safety and visibility, Blue for highlighting handicapped parking areas, Grey for a concrete-like finish and an economical recycled Black.

Four fixing points allow for exceptional hold-down strength. All come supplied with blanking plugs.

Add a fixing kit to your order from our range of choices which give for a variety of installation demands.

Not endorsed for gravel or loose surfaces.

Product Features:

  • Environmentally friendly Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) provides a solid U.V. stabilised colour
  • Easy for one person to install weighing in at 5.5kg
  • Fixing systems offered for installation onto concrete, bitumen or asphalt
  • Blanking plugs included. Fixings sold separately