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Heavy Duty Bump Rail

$822.80 inc. GST

Bump rail is high strength aluminium extrusion that weighs less than half the equivalent steel profile per lineal metre.

When faced with the curved side to an impact Bump Rail is designed for use as a truck or machinery stop, the rounded top & curved face offering a higher contact point for the vehicle wheels.

At 2,400mm long it is the right width for most trucks, fixing points at either end have been strategically positioned at the point of impact 275mm apart to ensure maximum hold down. Also available is a galvanised steel slip joiner for joining rails together if required.

Supplied pre-drilled & powder coated Yellow.

Downpipe Protectors

$198.00$338.80 inc. GST

These bull dog Downpipe Protectors have been designed to guard cables and exposed pipes from the risk of damage caused by maneuvering forklifts and vehicle impacts. Pipe guards defend your vehicle or forklift as well as your downpipes, without intruding on available car parking space. Manufactured from mild steel, the guards are hot dipped galvanised & powder coated Yellow for high visibility & include 6 x pre-drilled mount holes 10mm diameter. Available to suit 100mm or 200mm pipes or cables.

Rumble Strip Rubber

$19.80 inc. GST

Rubber Rumble Strips are designed for use as a speed moderator and lane divider in car parks and driveways. Manufactured from high-quality durable recycled rubber they are available in black and safety yellow. They are also ideal for use as a wall mounted bump protector in parking complexes, warehouses and factories to guard against impact damage.

Foam-Filled Column Cushion

$451.00$1,133.00 inc. GST

Column Cushion, also known as a Column Protector, helps prevent damage to structural columns by surrounding them with a foam-filled polyethylene cushion. Available in a range of standard sizes that fit most square or round columns, the two blow-moulded hard shells can be installed in seconds without the need for any tools, and removed at any time for cleaning or maintenance.

Unlike most moulded column protectors which simply contain air, Column Cushion is filled with injectable expanding foam. This foam dramatically increases impact protection and helps the Column Cushion return to shape after impact. So while other column protectors may look similar, ONLY Column Cushion by Barrier Group has the added advantage of foam fill.

Product Features:

  • a foam-filled polyethylene cushion.
  • Moulded from high impact polyethylene in bright Yellow with contrasting Black straps.
  • Can be used singularly or stacked in pairs.
  • U.V. stabilised for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Surprisingly cost-effective and maintenance free.
  • Extremely versatile and durable.
  • Chemical resistant, non-conductive and waterproof.

Skinz One-Piece Bollard Protection Sleeves

$22.00$158.40 inc. GST

Our tough moulded polyethylene sleeves offer improved impact resistance and cost less than prepping and repainting old bollards. Skinz are available in a range of sizes that fit most common bollard sizes and brands.

Fitting takes seconds and they can be cut down to suit different bollard heights. Reflective tape kits are available on request.

Anti Collision Strips – Impact Protection

$47.30 inc. GST
Anti collision strips are soft foam protection buffers designed to prevent physical injury from exposed edges, frames and corners. They are ideal for offices, storage rooms and work stations. They come in four profiles with self-adhesive backs - flat, round corner, square corner, round edge - and are suitable for installation onto door frames, rails, shelving, window frames and desks.

Rubber Dock Bumpers (D-Section)

$9.90$253.00 inc. GST

Rubber docking bumpers made from heavy duty, blended rubber compound and designed to protect assets from vehicle damage. The popular D-shaped design is ideal for mounting to loading docks, docking bays, jetties and directly onto trucks.

Rubber Dock Bumper

$52.80 inc. GST

Dock bumpers have been manufactured from heavy duty recycled rubber and moulded into a high performance B shape design. They are ideal for installation onto loading bays or areas where mobile trolleys and hand trucks are in operation and are the suitable solution protection against impact damage.

Wall Protector 800 x 220 x 32mm Black/Yellow – Recycled Rubber

$19.80 inc. GST

Wall Protectors are made of highly impact resistant rubber to protect walls from cars, trolleys, forklifts and other vehicles from impact. This wall protector benefits from a high quality, incredibly durable reflective strip which makes for high visibility in low light environments. Very easy to install with pre-drilled mounting holes.

Corner Protector

$16.50 inc. GST

Corner protectors are manufactured from moulded and recycled rubber and finished with black and yellow stripes. They are the ideal solution to protect assets and vehicles from impact damage in car parks, parking complexes and any industrial building. Suitable for absorbing impacts from vehicles and forklifts.