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Aircraft Wheel Chocks

$70.40$155.10 inc. GST

Connected rubber wheel chocks designed for use with light aircraft but can be used in any application. Being connected eliminates individual chocks from going missing.

Bike Rack – Style 4

$104.50 inc. GST

A sturdy mild steel and hot dip galvanised bike rack designed to be wall mounted to accommodate 1 full size bicycle with the ability to lock one wheel and the frame for total security. The bike is suspended on plastic coated prongs to protect the rims from possible damage. Can be used indoors or out. While galvanised is the standard finish, powder coating is also available on request.

Bike Rack Schoolies

$875.60 inc. GST
8 Bike - Galvanised

Bike Rail – Style 1

$44.00$160.60 inc. GST

Bike rails are manufactured from 48mm diameter mild steel pipe with a 3mm wall. They come in galvanised and powder coated Yellow or galvanised only models. Available in two sizes for surface mount and below ground models. Both models stand 800mm above ground, with 300mm extra for below ground installations.

Installation: Surface mount models have a 6mm thick, 150mm diameter surface mount flange that comes with eight 10 x 50mm masonry anchors. Below ground model has welded concrete starter bars.

Bike Rail – Style 3

$355.30 inc. GST

A sturdy bike rail manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel and designed to accommodate 2 full size bicycles with the ability to lock both wheels and the frame for total security. Available with fully welded base plates for surface mounting, or extended legs with starter bars for setting into a concrete footing. Can be used indoors or out.

Bike Rail – Style 2

$375.10 inc. GST

Manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel this bike rail is capable of accomodating two full size bicycles. Used indoors or out, the rail has the ability to lock both wheels and the frame for total security. Welded base plates for surface mounting, or extended legs with starter bars for setting into a concrete footing are also available.

Car Park Signs

$24.20$221.10 inc. GST

Class 1 reflective aluminium & non reflective Polypropylene signs to direct the flow of vehicle traffic in car parks. The class 1 reflective aluminium signs in this range are intended for private car park or off street use. Before using these signs on public road ways please ensure your selection meets the standards and requirements applicable to your state or territory.

Galvanised steel posts, sign mounting brackets & post mounting sleeves also available, post mounting sleeves are available in surface mount, in-ground or core drilled & are supplied with Gibb key.

Compliance Wheel Stop

$23.10$110.00 inc. GST

Created to comply with AS/NZS 2890.1:2004 and produced from high tech Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) with sustainability in mind, Compliance Wheel Stop is the clear green choice.

Compliance can be obtained in four standard U.V. stabilised colours - Yellow for increased pedestrian safety and visibility, Blue for highlighting handicapped parking areas, Grey for a concrete-like finish and an economical recycled Black.

Four fixing points allow for exceptional hold-down strength. All come supplied with blanking plugs.

Add a fixing kit to your order from our range of choices which give for a variety of installation demands.

Not endorsed for gravel or loose surfaces.

Product Features:

  • Environmentally friendly Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) provides a solid U.V. stabilised colour
  • Easy for one person to install weighing in at 5.5kg
  • Fixing systems offered for installation onto concrete, bitumen or asphalt
  • Blanking plugs included. Fixings sold separately

Cone Bar Retractable

$22.00 inc. GST

The retractable cone bar is manufactured from ABS plastic with alternating black and yellow stripes. It is designed to extend and retract to join traffic cones together to create temporary barricading applications.


$79.20$451.00 inc. GST

Dock-Safe-Q is a lightweight rapid deployment temporary safety barrier system to prevent people tripping or falling from elevated loading docks.

Dock-Safe-Q is comprised of two parts (ordered separately) which can be used in conjunction or separately.

  1. The Dock-Safe receiver is a moulded rubber block that is mounted directly to the face of the loading dock (fixings supplied), this receiver can act as a dock bumper only or as dock bumper & panel holder.
  2. The Dock-Safe-Q-panel simply drops into sockets in the receiver, or panels can be used without receiver by core drilling a 50mm diametre hole into the floor to receive the panel posts.

Panels manufactured from blow moulded polyethylene, 2,130mm long x 900mm high, receivers are moulded rubber.

Fold Down Bollard

$22.00$298.10 inc. GST
The New FD200 fold-down bollard is designed for preventing the unauthorised use of private car parking spaces, or for use anywhere vehicle access needs to be restricted. This all-new design measures only 50mm high in the flat position and 800mm high when locked up. The new aluminium 200mm wide face incorporate a 150mm wide full height reflective sign face for increased night visibility. The FD200 is supplied with a 40mm padlock with 2 keys and fixings for surface mount installation. If setting into a new concrete pad an optional in-ground kit (BGK4) is available separately.

Galvanised Bike Rail – Below Ground 400mm

$44.00 inc. GST
Below ground, 400 x 800mm, 3mm wall, 8.5kgs (approx.)

Heavy Duty Bump Rail

$822.80 inc. GST

Bump rail is high strength aluminium extrusion that weighs less than half the equivalent steel profile per lineal metre.

When faced with the curved side to an impact Bump Rail is designed for use as a truck or machinery stop, the rounded top & curved face offering a higher contact point for the vehicle wheels.

At 2,400mm long it is the right width for most trucks, fixing points at either end have been strategically positioned at the point of impact 275mm apart to ensure maximum hold down. Also available is a galvanised steel slip joiner for joining rails together if required.

Supplied pre-drilled & powder coated Yellow.

Height Bar

$66.00$877.80 inc. GST

Suspended height restriction bar with hanger assemblies and chains

Minimise the risk of damaging vehicles and property caused by oversize vehicles entering areas of restricted height by installing suspended Height Bars.

Height bars are available in a range of standard lengths from 2 metres all the way up to 6 metres. Each height bar is supplied with the necessary chain suspension kits and “LOW CLEARANCE” text, with your specified height in Black lettering on a White vinyl background.

Use height bars at locations where vehicles first enter an undercover area or encounter an overhead obstruction, where the clearance in either case is: (i) 3 metres or less if only cars or light vans are likely to use the facility or (ii) 4.6 metres or less in all other areas.

Holding Rails, Target Boards and Access Bollards

$187.00$788.70 inc. GST

Holding Rails & Target Boards

Designed for use at pedestrian and cyclist crossings to allow the user to hold on to or rest against while waiting for traffic conditions to change. They are hot dip galvanised prior to being finished with a Yellow powder coat. They come complete with Class 1 Red/White reflective bands. Holding rails are available in two designs, rail only or rail with target board. Target boards are used where a holding rail is mounted at right angles to a path. In-ground sleeves with gibb keys are available in either core drilled or new concrete models.

Access Bollards

The prevention of illegal vehicle access is critical to avoiding damage to the pathways and lightweight bridge structures, particularly when they have been designed only for bicycle and pedestrian use. The bollards are all 140mm in diameter and 1050mm tall in either surface mount, below ground or removable designs with locking sleeves. They are hot dip galvanised, prior to being finished with a Yellow powder coat, and come complete with Class 1Red/White reflective bands.

Injection Moulded Wheel Chock – Small

$15.40 inc. GST

Wheel chock manufactured from injection moulded plastic stops cars, trailers and caravans from moving when parked. Suitable for business and personal use, these wheel chocks take up little storage room in your vehicle.

Kerb Ramp – Black & Hi-Vis Yellow

$47.30$204.60 inc. GST

Kerb ramps are a portable black rubber ramp that allow cars, caravans, utes and trucks to easily drive over kerbs and steps. They are ideal for construction sites, distribution centres, emergency crews and caravan owners.

One-Way Access Spikes

$303.60$1,084.60 inc. GST

The Blade Runner one way access control consist of either a 1,000mm or 500mm heavy duty steel modules & steel end caps.

Each module has independently retracting teeth, when a vehicle approaches from the correct direction the teeth simply retract allowing the vehicle to pass freely, when approached from an unauthorised direction the teeth lock up denying access and risking almost certain tyre damage.

Key features of the one way access spikes include high visibility lime green powder coat finish and an ultra low profile construction to ensure adequate vehicle clearance. The one way access control system has been designed to provide a soft approach for vehicles due to its low ramp angle and reduced height. These same features also eliminate much of the noise commonly associated with older style products.

Six fixing points per metre (4 per 500mm module), heavy steel construction, steel end caps and revolutionary new spring design ensure a long service life with low maintenance.

WARNING: - Always check with your local authority or controlling body to ensure one way access spikes are allowable in your situation (this is the end users responsibility). One way access spikes MUST always be installed with an awareness sign kit. One way access spikes should always be placed clear of intersections and curved roadways. Failure to heed these warnings will void all warranties.

Parking Space Protectors

$353.10$390.50 inc. GST

Collapsible parking space protectors are used in private and commercial car parks to stop unauthorised vehicles from occupying a parking spot or entering prohibited areas.

Rubber Dock Bumper

$52.80 inc. GST

Dock bumpers have been manufactured from heavy duty recycled rubber and moulded into a high performance B shape design. They are ideal for installation onto loading bays or areas where mobile trolleys and hand trucks are in operation and are the suitable solution protection against impact damage.

Rubber Speed Cushion

$320.10$1,927.20 inc. GST

Rubber Speed Cushions are made from recycled rubber. Rubber is lighter & easier to work with than asphalt & concrete, significantly reducing installation time.

Rubber pieces can pulled up & moved without being destroyed. This is convenient for municipalities who want to insttute temporary measures to test an area or permanently control traffic speed. Long lasting & cost-efficient, sold as a kit or individual sections if a section is damaged & needs replacing, supplied complete with fixings.

Rubber Speed Hump

$26.40$53.90 inc. GST

Rubber speed humps are made from black recycled and natural rubber. They comprise alternating black and yellow body modules with optional black rubber ends. Rubber speed humps are easy to install by one person, and can be removed when the traffic conditions change. Rubber models are the perfect low priced alternative to steel or concrete speed humps.

Rumble Strip Rubber

$19.80 inc. GST

Rubber Rumble Strips are designed for use as a speed moderator and lane divider in car parks and driveways. Manufactured from high-quality durable recycled rubber they are available in black and safety yellow. They are also ideal for use as a wall mounted bump protector in parking complexes, warehouses and factories to guard against impact damage.

Speed Hump Heavy Duty Steel Slo-Motion

$123.20$359.70 inc. GST

Steel speed humps designed for heavy duty use in transport depots, factories and terminals. Ideal for truck and bus traffic