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Aluminium Trolley Ramp 900 x 1025mm

$625.90 inc. GST

The ATR900 is a robust trolley ramp manufactured from 6mm thick aluminium textured floor plate with a total weight of approximately 15kgs. It is designed for pedestrian or hand trolley use with a load limit of 300kgs. With the ability to bridge changes in height up to 200mm, it is ideal around loading docks. Supplied with two stainless steel locating pins that secure the ramp in place, and convenient built-in carry handles to facilitate handling by one person.

They must NEVER be used with powered equipment such as forklifts.

Anti Slip Tape

$13.20$52.80 inc. GST
Anti slip tape has a durable self-adhesive backed grit surface that can be applied to any clean dry surface and are ideal for reducing slip accidents. Suitable for stair treads, ramps and hazardous floors.

Architectural Stair Nosing

$91.30$198.00 inc. GST
Manufactured from non-corrosive and hard wearing anodised aluminium these Architectural Stair Nosing's are designed to comply with AS1428.1 Design for Access and Mobility Part:1 General Requirements for Access-New Building Work. Available is a wide range of profiles that would suit most situations. Cut in 3.62 metre lengths.

Product Features:

  • Complies with AS1428.1
  • Available in a range of profiles
  • 3.62m in length

Cable Covers

$61.60$126.50 inc. GST

Cable covers are a light duty cable protector for internal installations like offices, retail stores and exhibition spaces. They are designed to protect cables from pedestrian and light trolley traffic. They are available in one, two or three channel 9 metre rolls that can be easily cut to length with a sharp knife.

Cable Protectors – Plastic

$161.70$517.00 inc. GST

Plastic cable protectors come in Two, Three or Five channel design with a polyurethane and rubber construction. They are ideal for festivals, public events and workplaces. It has interlocking ends that allows for cable and hose protection across short or long distances.

Cable Protectors – Rubber

$108.90$122.10 inc. GST

Rubber cable protectors are made from hard wearing moulded rubber and plastic materials in black and safety yellow. They are available in two, three or five channel models and are ideal for protecting cables and hoses at indoor and outdoor locations like offices, exhibition spaces and warehouses and are suitable for light vehicle traffic.

Directional Tactile Bar

$62.70$425.70 inc. GST

Raised flat-top tactile bars are used to assist visually impaired individuals of the direction in which the path travels. While used for directional assistance for pedestrian travel, they also provide guidance around obstacles like street furniture in high foot traffic areas.

Dock Board 1525 x 1525mm – Aluminium

$2,400.20 inc. GST

Dock Boards serve a similar purpose to dock plates but are designed to cope with heavier machinery like forklifts. They consist of a plate deck with steel curbs on both sides to prevent run-offs and provide additional strength and stability. Dock boards can be quite heavy and therefore, include carry chains so they can be transported by the forklift. Alternative dock plates and boards in a range of sizes and load ratings are available on request.

Dock Plate 1220 x 1220mm – Aluminium

$1,411.30 inc. GST

A common problem on loading docks is bridging the gap between a truck and the dock or warehouse floor. Not all trucks are the same height, and the height of the trailer floor within a truck can vary according to how heavily the truck is laden. Thus, there is not only a gap to bridge, but a height difference to overcome. Dock plates are used for lighter loads such as hand trolleys, pallet jacks or foot traffic.

They must NEVER be used with powered equipment such as forklifts.

Drop Over Cable-Protector

$41.80 inc. GST

Drop-over cable protectors are manufactured from moulded polyethylene and features a one channel design with interlocking ends to create continuous cable or hose protection. They protect cables from damage caused by constant foot traffic and prevent fall accidents due to tripping. They are ideal for dropping over floor cables and hoses in the office, at events, in stores or during renovation and construction works.

Fibre Glass Stair Nosing

$18.70$103.40 inc. GST

FRP stair nosing is manufactured from safety yellow fibreglass reinforced composite plastic that features a tough anti slip grit. Ideal for public spaces and workplaces to eliminate the risk of slip accidents. Suitable for jetties, piers, ferries, factories, warehouses, train stations and public stairways.

Kerb Ramp – Black & Hi-Vis Yellow

$47.30$204.60 inc. GST

Kerb ramps are a portable black rubber ramp that allow cars, caravans, utes and trucks to easily drive over kerbs and steps. They are ideal for construction sites, distribution centres, emergency crews and caravan owners.

Non-Slip Rubber Floor Mats

$57.20$94.60 inc. GST

This popular non-slip rubber floor mat is manufactured from hard-wearing and high-quality rubber to provide an anti-slip and anti-fatigue surface. The red rubber version is also oil resistant. These non-slip mats are frequently used in workplaces where staff are conducting tasks on their feet for long periods of time, and are ideal for use in commercial kitchens, warehouses, supermarkets and shopping centres, and in accessibility environments.

Portable Trolley Ramp 4.2kg

$104.50 inc. GST
Our portable and lightweight ramp is a cost effective solutions for trolleys and wheelchairs to gain access over kerbs and steps.

Tactile Pad

$28.60 inc. GST

Designed to assist visually impaired pedestrians, tactile pads are 300 x 300mm polyurethane coloured tiles with raised patterns that provide warning of upcoming hazards or to give guidance in a specific direction. The peel and stick nature means they are easy to install by simply preparing the surface, peeling the backing sheet and sticking to your intended location.

Warning Tactile Round

$51.70$341.00 inc. GST

Individual discrete tactiles are available in 316 stainless steel or durable polyurethane. No messy adhesives necessary just drill and press the step into the mounting hole. Composite tactiles are manufactured from 316 stainless steel with a carborundum insert. Simply drill and press fit for a high end look with maximum slip resistance.